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  6. VIDORI™ LUXURY SHEETING 60% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 40% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester, KING FLAT XL-114 x 125"

VIDORI™ LUXURY SHEETING 60% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 40% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester, KING FLAT XL-114 x 125"

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VIDORI™ LUXURY SHEETING 60% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 40% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester, KING FLAT XL-114 x 125"
Part Number: 789-VD01
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Lead Time: Please allow 7-14 days for processing. Factory Direct shipments
New Vidori Sheeting by Standard Textile, Centium Core Technology - Extra Wide King Flat Sheet 114 x 125 inches.
Price per Each. (Sold in case of 24 each).
This product is delivered clean, fresh, and ready to use right out of the box, bypassing the time, labor, and costs of up-front processing.

With Vidori™ Luxury Sheeting, guests experience exceptional softness and elegant beauty; your property experiences more than meets the eye. Its simple luxurious touch hides the patented technology that lies within. And it's our little secret.

  • The feel of T-350 Thread Count with 30% More Strength and Durability!
  • Crease Resistant
  • 60% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 40% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester Centium Core Technology<sup>®</sup> Icon 
  • EZ ID® EZ ID<sup>®</sup> Icon Color-coded selvage yarns easily identify sheet sizes
  • Room Ready For You® laundered with Tide® Room Ready For You<sup>®</sup> Laundered with Tide<sup>®</sup> Icon
  • ü  STANDARD TEXTILE has many innovations that have helped set their products apart and lead the industry.  CENTIUM CORE TECHNOLOGY®Centium Core Technology®. 

    ü  A patented weaving technology process available exclusively in terry and sheeting products manufactured by Standard Textile that dramatically improves product tensile strength, extends service life, and enhances performance Utilizing proprietary optimized polymer performance enhancement engineering, Centium Core Technology® provides an unprecedented combination of Luxurious hand and feel Unsurpassed durability Extended service life EZ ID®EZ ID SHEETING AND TERRY.

    ü  Standard Textile’s patented easy size-identification for housekeeping professionals. Color-coded product labels identify terry sizes and weights on terry product. On sheeting products, color-coded selvage yarns easily identify sheet sizes.

    ü   Color-coded loops on all four corners on our comforters make the size identifiable without altering the luxurious appearance the designer intended.

    ü   EZ ID® TERRY Easily and quickly identify towel sizes and weights with our distinct sew-in label color bar. 

    ü  Center-Lock Labels Product labels are centered in the hem of every sheeting product to identify the sheet’s center.

    ü  ROOM READY FOR YOU® LAUNDERED WITH TIDE®Room Ready For You® Laundered with Tide®    Standard Textile’s program allows you to utilizing sheeting and terry straight out of the box. These products arrive clean, fresh and ready for immediate use, bypassing the time, labor and costs of up-front processing.

    ü  This proven program protects your investment and helps to preserve the environment.

    ü  We pre-launder with P&G ProLine Tide, which requires less energy and is free of phosphates and harsh alkalines. Take a fresh approach to reducing laundry costs!   

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